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Rollie Cameron is a highly regarded professional and mentor in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, known for his strategic acumen and leadership skills. With a career spanning over thirty years with Johnson & Johnson, Rollie has demonstrated a profound ability to navigate complex global markets, develop and execute strategic initiatives, and lead teams to success. His educational background in Chemistry, complemented by an MBA, laid the foundation for his distinguished career, beginning at Janssen-Ortho (Johnson & Johnson) in Canada as a medical sales representative in 1994.

Throughout his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Rollie’s career trajectory was marked by rapid advancements, reflecting his exceptional talent in sales leadership, marketing, and strategic development. In 2005, Rollie was asked to lead Regional Marketing for the Psychiatry Franchise in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“It was during this assignment,” Rollie chuckled, “that for the first time I had a lot of responsibility, but not a lot of direct authority. I had to align people from all over EMEA on a united regional strategy.” This required the soft skills of leading, motivating, and culture-building — something Rollie is undoubtedly known for. So much so, in fact, that he was later asked to move to the United States to take over the launch of a new medication in the Psychiatry area.

Rollie then worked for several years in the US, and in 2010 transitioned to a role in Global Marketing for Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices), eventually serving as VP of Global Marketing, where he was responsible for the global launch of many innovative devices. In 2013 he returned to Canada to serve as General Manager for Johnson & Johnson Medical Products. There, he was responsible for the entire J&J portfolio of medical devices companies across Canada. This role involved managing separate groups with separate global leadership organizations — again, his skills in strategy development and alignment proved invaluable. In 2019, Rollie took over as VP of Strategic Customer Management in the US, a role he held until retiring from Johnson & Johnson in 2023. This last role pulled together Rollie’s tremendous experiences and learnings, and he was an integral part of the IDN strategy development, negotiation, and execution for Johnson & Johnson through COVID-19 and beyond.

Zensights is honored to have Rollie’s deep strategy development, IDN, and leadership experience on board.

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