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About Matt

Matt is a forecaster, market researcher, and strategist focused on the life sciences industry. He specializes in uniting strategic initiatives with tactical execution so that senior leadership can make informed, wise decisions based on the best available information. His focus in data and analytics is to reduce analysis paralysis, wheel spinning, and hand wringing and get clean, actionable answers to the most pressing questions companies face.

Matt has had the fortune to work with a variety of companies across strategic and tactical projects, cutting through noise and finding the clearest path forward. Matt has developed analytical and reporting tools for forecasting departments, sales teams, marketing groups, and market access teams. He has worked across multiple product launches in the US, with experience in many disease areas including oncology, endocrinology, and chronic pain. While at Trinity Life Sciences he developed CloudCast, a web-based forecast management system for the life sciences to reduce confusion caused by multiple sources of truth and deliver clear messaging to executive leadership, boards of directors, and ultimately the market. In his most recent role, Matt was an Area Vice President with Komodo Health, delivering claims data to life sciences companies to reduce the burden of disease.

Matt holds an AB from Dartmouth in Neuroscience and a MS from the University of Oregon in Chemistry.

In his free time, Matt enjoys reading, hiking, rock climbing, and playing music with his family in Emeryville, California.

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