Leaders with Broad Strategic Vision

Leaders with
Broad Strategic

Our team is highly experienced and has held a diverse array of leadership positions across the life science and pharmaceutical industries. We all joined Zensights to spend our days doing what we find most meaningful – working with organizations to provide tangible and impactful changes and solutions that serve their growth, transparency, and bottom line. Our clients are loyal and enjoy working with us because our expertise and knowledge go hand in hand with our culture of dependability, honesty, and trust.

Bob Jansen


Sharon Clarke

Chief Commercial Officer

Kris Ungvarsky


Rod Cavin


Andrew Shales


Mark Reczek


Dan McCormick


Subject Matter Experts

Problem Solving Experts

Problem Solving

Zensights Subject Matter Experts bring the experience to solve problems that commercial leaders have faced before. They know how things (do and do not) work, what to ask, how to define and fix processes, and what to measure and implement.

Mark Baker

Brian Bastean

Julia Brodsky

Matt Brown

Rollie Cameron

Maria Canfield

Suzette DiMascio

Kris Ford

John Hall

John Iannetta

Irene Infanti

MacKay Jimeson

Bill Lowe

Laura Mezey

Matt Miner

Bill O’Donnell

Elaine Oussoren

Will Passano

Norma Piggott

Mike Rivas

Bob Sosnowski

Ken Taylor

Al Triunfo

Advisory Board

Great Minds

Great Minds

Zensights Advisory Board brings an additional level of expertise to bear for our pharmaceutical clients.

Barry Brandstetter

Martin Layding

Al Reicheg

Lou Sanquini

Brian J. Smith