Zensights partners with Emerging Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies to provide process, compliance, and procurement tools.

Did you realize that 80-85% of Pharmaceutical/Biotech Manufacturers do not have a Procurement department? For most companies this is due to the investment needed to stand up a department and the prioritization of cash flow – as revenues increase, commercialization expenditures follow track and eventually the cost to stand up the department makes sense. We at Zensights see this gap every day and believe that there is a step approach that can be taken by the Pharma/Biotech manufacturers that will help them significantly with value creation as well as risk mitigation – up to the point that it makes sense to hire their own teams. To help bridge this gap, Zensights has developed its own Outsourced Procurement Offering for Pharma and Biotech manufacturers.

We offer a LINX subscription in conjunction with our expert consulting to help our clients build powerful, enduring partnerships and offer guidance with real-time market movements, supplier investment decisions, and the latest considerations for bid processes.

Zensights gives you peace of mind across several key support functions, including Legal, Finance, Audit, and Compliance.

High-Level, Cost-Effective



LINX includes a proprietary executive review system for identifying best-in-class vendors and the highest performing individuals within those organizations. These reviews include open response data as well as individually named resources.


Principals and consultants work beyond the vendor profile to collect deeper market intelligence. They use their expansive networks to obtain feedback, conduct interviews, and collect meaningful insights that inform and empower our clients to make the best choices on a capability-by-capability basis.



Our team is highly experienced and has held a strong array of pharmaceutical, biotech, and agency leadership positions. Executive perspective and experience lead to cost savings as this team of senior executives understands the true cost of services and products being offered in the marketplace.