LINX connects Zensights clients to A-Teams and A-Talent in “Best in Class” vendor organizations.

Pharmaceutical and biotech leaders who select commercial services need objective and subjective criteria when selecting suppliers. LINX is a software-based solution that helps clients make informed decisions when choosing from the myriad of suppliers in the marketplace.

LINX was developed to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies by capturing customer-centric insights into vendor and agency performance in the marketplace. For our large pharmaceutical clients, LINX allows them to attain crowdsourced feedback that tracks vendor performance over time and identifies the highest performing individuals within their partner organizations. All feedback captured in LINX is provided by pharmaceutical and biotech budget holders. This unique vendor competitive intelligence leads to better partnership choices and powerful, enduring relationships.

LINX provides access to:



LINX includes a proprietary executive review system for identifying best-in-class vendors and the highest performing individuals within those organizations. These reviews include open response data as well as individually named resources.


Principals and consultants work beyond the vendor profile to collect deeper market intelligence. They use their expansive networks to obtain feedback, conduct interviews, and collect meaningful insights that inform and empower our clients to make the best choices on a capability-by-capability basis.



Our team is highly experienced and has held a strong array of pharmaceutical, biotech, and agency leadership positions. Executive perspective and experience lead to cost savings as this team of senior executives understands the true cost of services and products being offered in the marketplace.

Top Zensights business capability function areas:

Profiled vendors within LINX include the following key commercial support service providers, with new categories added as they evolve. Executive reviews are updated on an ongoing basis to keep data and supplier M&A activity current.

  • Managed Markets
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Marketing & Product Management
  • Marketing Operations
  • Patient Services
  • Sales Operations & Analytics
  • Trade and Distribution
  • Training and Development