Operations and vendor selection are a big deal at every stage of growth.

Emerging pharma and biotech companies are often challenged to manage current needs while preparing for the next phase of growth.​ Time and dollars are lost when the necessary tools and processes have not been defined and implemented as the organization matures.

That’s where EP LINX comes in.

EP LINX is the business and clinical operations partner for emerging pharma and biotech companies in the pre-commercial phase of development.​ EP LINX ensures that your business is optimized for success via vendor assessment, operational consulting, and market intelligence​.

Proven Operations

Vendor Assessment

Identify the best–in-class vendors for each of your emerging organization’s unique business need. EP LINX provides up-to-date vendor performance assessments, based on peer pharmaceutical firms’ experiences.

Policy & Procedure Library

EP LINX includes a ready-to-use library of policies and procedures to facilitate organizational growth and oversight. All policies and procedure are customizable and Zensights can assist in the development of common policies and procedures.

Vendor Performance Analysis

Zensights consultants conduct a systematic analysis of spend, including comparison to industry benchmarks, to identify value capture opportunities for consideration.