Agency Relationship Tool: ART Platform

The Agency Relationship Tool “ART” is a proprietary software solution that works to solve the issue of high turnover on agency of record assignments with pharmaceutical and biotech brands. ART reporting provides insights that quickly and easily identify areas that are impacting the success of brand marketing projects.

ART enables a deeper level of transparency and ensures solid relationships and accountability for both sides of the brand relationship via visibility into how key talent and critical functions are supporting and billing your business. Simultaneously, ART supports agencies with proactive reports that help identify sponsor change of direction, scope creep, and resource management. These proactive insights eliminate surprises and keep everyone motivated for long-lasting success.

Why Brand Leaders Like Art:
ART Delivers Actionable Insights

The Zensights team analyzes the data collected by ART and provides insights that go beyond financials with discussions, education, and recommendations so that brands can make informed, empowered decisions.


  • SOW vs. actual spend by project
  • Agencies can flag issues
  • Talent & resource updates
  • Program feedback
  • Generate focus



  • Monthly check-ins avoid surprises
  • Quarterly insights and recommendations
  • Fact-based discussions build better relationships


  • Compare benchmark brand team productivity, spend, etc.
  • Metrics generate insights on brand team actions
  • Revisit focus and priorities

Historical Data

  • Compare spend, outcomes, tactical mix, priorities, and benchmarks
  • Retain IP of past experiences and project value