Best-in-Class Vendor Identification

Our Solutions

“For Pharmaceutical business leaders looking to optimize services using a new or existing supplier, Zensights provides software, advanced consulting, and executive connections that helps our commercial and procurement partners secure high-quality, right-resourced, cost-effective contracts and solutions to drive their business results.”

  • Our clients have a competitive advantage because they have access to the best people, including named resources, at each supplier to execute high value projects.
  • Our Executive Committe delivers tremendous value through diversity of thinking and enhancing relevant data.

Zensights provides tools that support:

  1. Optimal vendor relationships and best possible outcomes.
  2. Insights for how to best structure shared performance.
  3. Visibility to best-in-class Terms & Conditions, which set clear expectations for assignments and help both vendor and sponsor be successful.
  4. Insider tools for managing agency relationships.

LINX Platform

We gather survey feedback from your peers and present it in a dynamic dashboard so that you can understand experiences, pricing, recommendations, and challenges. We have created a new type of competitive intelligence that brings you peace of mind when selecting your vendor and partner teams.

ART Platform

Our Agency Relationship Tool (ART) was designed by previous agency heads and sponsors. It provides the data and discipline that agencies and sponsors alike need to build a dialogue, set expectations, avoid surprises, and improve ROI performance.

LINX Platform

LINX connects Zensights Clients to A-players in “Best in Class” vendor organizations.

Zensights “LINX”

BioPharm leaders who select commercial services need objective and subjective criteria when selecting suppliers. LINX offers executive community crowd-sourced data on vendors that aids in the identifications of suppliers that provide best in class solutions, and their top talent. LINX is a software-based solution that helps clients make more informed decisions when choosing from the myriad of suppliers in the marketplace.

By utilizing LINX Zensights provides Pharma business leaders insights and ratings to benchmark and evaluate services and spend. The platform scores new or existing suppliers based on budget holder feedback. The ongoing updates help our clients to ensure best in class providers are being utilized based on current staff, leadership, and results.

Our unique services combine software, consulting, and the power of crowdsourcing within our exclusive pharmaceutical Executive Network. It includes over 400 current budget holders to help clients identify the solutions to fit their needs. The LINX solution includes a review system for identifying best in class suppliers. This includes vendors staffed with “A” team resources. In addition, the solution generates a greater diversity of thinking, new approaches to problems, and a unique source of intelligence backed data.

Profiled vendors within LINX include the following key commercial support service providers, and ongoing new categories as they evolve. Surveys are updated on an ongoing basis to keep reviews and supplier M&A activity current.

Top Zensights business capability function areas:

  • Managed Markets: HUB Services
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Marketing Operations
  • Sales Operations and Analytics
  • Trade and Distribution
  • Training and Development
Agency Relationship Tool: ART Platform

Our platform improves agency sponsor relationships, communication, and brand performance.

Zensights “ART” Agency Relationship Tool provides intuitive monthly dashboards that quickly and easily identify areas that are impacting the success of brand marketing projects. ART enables a deeper level of transparency for both sides of the relationship via visibility into how key talent and critical functions are supporting your business. ART supports agencies with proactive reports on sponsor change of direction, scope creep, and mis-communication.

Quarterly sponsor agency reviews are supported by Subject Matter Experts (former agency executives, GM’s, Presidents), who review the feedback and data to provide insights that go beyond financials with discussions, education, and recommendations.

The Problem ART Solves:

Through our consulting, we sometimes see a lack of consistency in communication that addresses performance between our clients and their agency partners.  As a result, the value is diminished, sub-optimal work is delivered, and the relationship prevents creative and effective marketing. ART programs collect data to peel back the layers of the agency sponsor relationship. This builds better relationships, conversations, and accountability for both agencies and sponsors. Our proactive approach eliminates surprises, and helps to keep everyone motivated for success.