The power of Servant Leadership – Have you ever been Cinca’d?

I was recently invited to attend the farewell party for Ed Cinca, the outgoing VP, Cardiometabolic Marketing, at Novo Nordisk.  In full transparency, I had never met Ed Cinca in person and had only had leadership development conversations with him based on the recommendation of a CEO who thinks very highly of Ed. (Ed was responsible for Novo’s GLP1 portfolio for both Diabetes and Obesity)
I was the only non-Novo attendee at the party.  I was very impressed by the number of attendees – well over 40 folks on a Monday night.  They were all there to celebrate Ed and to share what he had meant to each of them.
One of the tributes really stuck out to me. A young professional named Vanessa Costain asked Ed if he knew that there was a term that was frequently used across the Novo commercial teams – the term/question was, “Have you ever been Cinca’d?”.

She explained that the term originated because of how Ed always challenged his teams’ recommendations, strategies and tactics by thoughtfully ensuring that they had considered all potential constituents – patients, providers, compliance, regulatory, sales, etc.  When she posed the question, it was amazing to watch the party goers 40+ heads start nodding up and down in unison validating her statement.
Vanessa went on to explain that everyone that worked with Ed knew that he truly cared about each of them and the patients that they served.  He made them think differently and they all acknowledged how his pushing/prodding in a thoughtful and caring manner had helped each of them grow professionally and made them all better leaders themselves.
I was very impressed by the number of his colleagues that shared with me how many times in their career that they had tried to look for opportunities to work with Ed again. Everyone wanted to be part of his team because of his focus on development and doing the right things. His colleague’s all touched on how he made each of them feel needed, respected and appreciated. Needless to say, there were very few dry eyes in attendance as people shared their sincere appreciation for a true Servant leader that put the needs of others and the company before his own.

I couldn’t help but wonder, when each of us looks back at the teams we have managed and led, what kind of legacy have we created.  We all would be very fortunate to create a culture where people ask, “Have you ever been Cinca’d?”

I would love to hear from you if you have a Servant leader like Ed that has made a difference in your career.

Bob Jansen, CEO of Zensights
July 19, 2021

Zensights President Will Passano to Retire July 2021

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, June 29, 2021—Zensights LLC, the leading pharmaceutical vendor/supplier optimization company, announces that President Will Passano will retire in July 2021.  Passano has served in this capacity since joining the firm in November 2016.  Post retirement, he will remain associated with the firm as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to maintain continuity with existing clients and programs.

As an early member of the firm, Passano led efforts to establish an East Coast presence with biotech and pharmaceutical clients and additional staff resources.

Zensights’ solutions answer the pharmaceutical industry’s need for crowdsourced based feedback and competitive intelligence regarding commercial vendor/supplier management and selection in North America.  Bob Jansen, Zensights CEO, expressed his gratitude for Will’s achievements. “Will brought an impressive set of capabilities when he joined Zensights in 2016 and together we established a much larger footprint on the East Coast.  With Zensights, (a Scottsdale, AZ based company), it was imperative to have a firm foundation in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry.  Will was based in Princeton, NJ so it was natural to bring him onboard.   While we will miss his day-to-day leadership, I am very pleased Will plans to stay engaged as an SME.”

About Zensights

Based in Scottsdale AZ, and established in 2012, Zensights uses technology with proprietary software programs, such as LINX™ and ART™ to help clients make the best possible supplier selection, providing exceptional value with each engagement.  Zensights delivers competitive intelligence for its clients by attaining “A Team” and “Best in Class” vendor services. Zensights’ pharmaceutical consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry deliver insights and perspective to help navigate the myriad of potential suppliers.

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Year in the Life of a Board Director

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Zensights Names Elaine Oussoren Chief Marketing Officer

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zensights LLC is pleased to announce that Elaine Oussoren has joined the organization as Chief Marketing Officer. In this new role, Oussoren will lead the organization’s marketing vision and software strategy for the company. Zensights software tools, LINX – Vendor Analysis Tool and ART – Agency Reporting Tool helps clients improve their vendor selection process and agency budgeting and planning process. Oussoren has extensive marketing expertise that makes her uniquely qualified to lead this critically important role for the company.

Bob Jansen, CEO of Zensights stated, “Elaine’s Marketing and Pharmaceutical expertise is most impressive, especially given her prior pharma facing agency leadership roles.” Oussoren’s prior responsibilities included Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications – CEO and Brand Aid Digital – Founder, where Elaine led digital marketing and expanded the use of AI to deliver secure text patient engagement programs. She is very versed in the Pharmaceutical Industry and in the Agency world. “I’m very excited for Zensight’s clients and happy that Elaine has decided to join the leadership team,” continued Jansen.

About Zensights

Zensights is a competitive intelligence company focused on suppliers and agencies that service the Pharmaceutical Industry. Zensights attempts to assist its Pharmaceutical clients engage with the strongest suppliers and agencies as identified by budget holders across the Pharmaceutical landscape. Zensights’ signature software program, LINX – Vendor Analysis Tool is a software solution that analyzes, aggregates, and provides an overall market assessment of the capabilities of third-party vendors that service the bio-tech, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries – all from a customer centric lens. The proprietary tool is populated with key decision maker and budget holder feedback to easily and strategically identify best in class suppliers and agencies servicing the BioPharma Industry. The latest offering ART – Agency Reporting Tool provides for accurate healthcare agency reporting metrics which supports better alignment between client and agency. ART provides Marketing executives and Agency Leadership an excellent communication medium to drive ideation/innovation and results for their respective portfolios.

Founded in 2012, Zensights is focused on helping BioPharma organizations identify “Best in Class” vendors on a “capability by capability” perspective. Zensights advises clients on these solutions to build high-quality partnerships with innovative and value based solutions.

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The importance of an “adaptive” command style in pharma today

Lieutenant General (Ret) Rick Lynch, US Army and Bob Jansen, CEO of Zensights, Pharm Exec Editorial Advisory Board member, and former president and general manager of Source Healthcare Analytics, a Symphony Technology Company (formerly Wolters Kluwer), met at a leadership center in 2009. At the time, Jansen was with Wolters Kluwer and Lynch was commanding the US Army’s Installation Management Command (IMCOM) responsible for all 163 Army installations.