Your Network Makes a Difference

 ZENSIGHTS Executive Network is comprised of BioPharma executives whose responsibilities include selecting appropriate vendors, and managing their organization’s budgets. These executives span across over 120 different companies and are responsible for numerous business functions, including:

  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Data and Sales Operations
  • Marketing Research
  • Managed Care
  • Training and Development
  • Trade
  • Marketing Operations
  • Business Development
  • R&D
  • Supply Chain
  • Medical Affairs

Through their unique experiences, these executives provide the proprietary and confidential industry information that is necessary to help improve the entire Biopharmaceutical industry.

Being a part of the Zensights Executive Network comes with the opportunity to attend exclusive events to support your career growth and development. Over 100 Network members had the opportunity to attend a recent Zoom conference that focused on the benefits of sitting on a board and the best ways to secure a seat.

The panel included 3 experts, Barrye Price, Barbara Ryan and John Hawkins who shared their unique perspectives and personal challenges in this space. They offered practical and actionable tips to support the pursuit of a variety of board opportunities. To learn more about our speakers, please view their LinkedIn profiles below:

Barrye Price

Barbara Ryan

John Hawkins

If you would like a recording of this event, or to learn more about the Zensights Executive Network, please reach out to us. We would like to hear from you.


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