Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Leaders (April 2017)

Zensights Adapt or Die April Meeting Summary& Recommendations

A Summary & Recommendations of our Adapt or Die Meeting, held in April 2017: “Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Leadership”.
Length: 22 pages (PDF)
Target Audience: BioPharma, Payers, Suppliers

Zensights has long been supportive of both the pharmaceutical industry and the military. The Adapt or Die meeting series has highlighted the good both entities do and the challenges that currently face our service personnel and their families.

“Too often people jump to the conclusion that diversity is a race or gender issue, which of course it can be. However, a dominant theme from many of the panelists at this meeting was that true diversity also impacts your thinking.”

We are now engaged in our country’s longest running military conflict, which has taken a toll on so many families. The previous Dallas Adapt or Die meeting highlighted the recovery challenges of our Veterans, which prompted Secretary of the Veteran Affairs, Dr. David Shulkin to call for a public / private partnership to address mental health issues. Read the Meeting Summary & Recommendations for the event held on April 27th, 2017 in West Point, NY.