Solutions That Provide Peace of Mind

Zensights connects you to “Best in Class” vendors and provides insights into critical vendor/supplier engagement issues.

Zensights was born out of the BioPharma Industry’s need for optimal Vendor/Supplier Management and Selection. Through Zensights Executive Network, we are able to shine a light on the best vendor/supplier option(s) for a multitude of capabilities, products and BioPharma services.

BioPharma Connections

The core of Zensights focus in helping BioPharma organizations is in the identification of “Best in Class” vendors on a “capability by capability” perspective.  Zensights utilizes an Executive Panel of Pharmaceutical Decision Makers to identify which vendors are perceived to offer a “Best in Class” solution for each respective capability that is reviewed. The capabilities are segmented by Industry Domains and are presented in a Web enabled Tool that allows organizations to quickly review the data.

Zensights connects Pharma decision makers to A-players in “Best in Class” vendor organizations so project are staffed with the highest quality teams.

The Zensights Executive Network

Zensights Executive Network is comprised of BioPharma budget holders that are charged with selecting appropriate vendors and managing their organization’s budgets. These executives span across all parts of their organizations and are responsible for the majority of Business Operations including Sales, Marketing, Operations, Managed Markets, Training, Market Research, R&D, Supply Chain, Medical Affairs and Trade. Through their unique experiences, these executives provide the proprietary and confidential industry information and data that is necessary to help improve the entire Biopharmaceutical industry.

Not only are the Members improving the experiences of the BioPharma and vendor Relationship and outcomes, they are also building their strong, professional career network.  If you are a Budget Holder within BioPharma, please contact us to inquire about how you can become a part of this initiative and become a Zensights Executive Member. 

“The Specialty Pharma commercial environment has become extremely sophisticated and the insights that Bob and his team provide into navigating this evolving complex landscape are truly invaluable.  Zensights has brought multiple “best in class” vendors to our organization to address specific data, strategy and operational needs.  We have profited from these new relationships whereby they have enabled us to capitalize on opportunities that were unforeseen before being elucidated by the Zensights team. I highly recommend working with Bob and the Zensights team as they are truly changing the paradigm of how we look at our business metrics in this new and evolving era for Pharmaceutical sales and marketing.”Halozyme Pharmaceuticals